Instructions for Luke!

Found Them!! I think I emailed a Superfolder on and he sent me these. I took my own approach with mine, but I used the same method plus a secret step at the end to create his hair. Also, tell me a character that starts with the letter H for the Encyclogami Project!


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  1. St๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Žky!

  2. Stephen Hauger says:


  3. Stephen Hauger says:


  4. […] I only have 2 entries. Spread the word about my site! I was featured on Tyler’s site here:ยย These are my instructions that are more close to the […]

  5. wiztron says:

    You can also use this to make Anakin. (Not in the rebellion form.)

  6. Foldy- John says:

    That was ME!

    • sftyler says:

      Yes!!! I remember now!!! You were the first person to make the full Origami Rebellion, and you said we could email you for instructions for all the puppets. Thank you for these, by the way!

  7. darthnoah says:

    Hondo Ohnaka, or however you spell that.

  8. Superfolder_John says:

    i folded it just like the instrux but it didn’t turn out like urs!!

  9. Superfolder_John says:

    Harvey!!!!!! LOL!

  10. SF_Harald says:

    Letter H……….. Make an origami ME!!!!! Harald!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Superfolder_John says:

    Plz tell us how to do the hair!!!!

  12. Superfolder_John says:


  13. SF_ Harald says:

    Wow that’s stooky man! I would use these Instrux, but I LOVE the one I made with Zacharo’s Instrux, so Ima Keep that one!

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