Hey everyone! I’m just here to say that I haven’t had much time to post. I was going to make a post with all the stuff that was missing from the last few days of the advent, but one in particular has taken a lot longer than expected. In the meantime, I’m still open to more contest entries. The theme is Extended Universe/Exclusively Clone Wars. Thanks!



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  1. jeffxd2014 says:

    And can you check out my site? It’s on the “Ask Tyler” page.

  2. jeffxd2014 says:

    Tyler? I sent you my Hondo Ohnaka.

  3. Enderman_Zod says:

    We. Should. All. Wear. Berets.

  4. jeffxd2014 says:

    Tyler, can I re-enter?

  5. Hi Tyler! Could you please enter my contest? Details here: https://princessellaorigami.wordpress.com

  6. sfcamster says:

    You have been invited to the 8th monthly Camster Origami Contest. Enter your origami in this post’s comments.

    That’s the normal invite. But I want to ask you something else: Ella and I are judging, can you too?

    You must still enter, but judge the group you’re not in too. If you move on to the finals, you judge everyone but yourself.

    Here’s how you judge:

    Put in order in the comments the standings of the SFs in the group that you’re not in. But until the contest starts, could you enter?

    Thanks. 🙂

  7. use my newest Sharpine on my site!

  8. I still need that cad bane for my contest

  9. Enderman_Zod says:

    Tyler, you like to draw, right? If you draw a majestical ace of spades, you can enter it in the side pot of TTH’s January Art Contest. More info here:

  10. dumcheese says:

    I want to enter my Intricate Captain Bones!

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