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  1. oy217 says:

    Umm. Tyler? you haven’t changed it.

  2. I sent you a new entry

  3. LTROCKS says:

    Tyler you forgot mine. 😦

  4. Oh great, that Bruce dude again. He’s going to win for sure!!!!! 👿

  5. Use my clone for stookylukey’s contest.

  6. LTROCKS says:

    What ’bout mine?

  7. sfsonic12012 says:

    Tyler why did you write contest 6:clone troopers on the top of the page?

  8. sfsonic12012 says:

    That Captain Rex is mine not Wiztrons.

  9. Lol I have an even BETTER entry

  10. oy217 says:

    Could you change “oy217’s clone” to “oy217’s Fives”?

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