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  1. sfcamster says:

    Hey Tyler, are you still alive? Summer’s here and I would really like to see you again. I saw Moochael the other day for the first time in months, but he never did respond…

  2. Ty_Fighter says:

    thanks tyler!

  3. Ty_Fighter says:

    tyler, can i post a royal guard i made using your intrux, i’ll give you credit in the info
    PS: my name is tyler too

  4. jeffxd2014 says:

    Tyler, my blog is jeffxd2014.wordpress.com

  5. jeffxd2014 says:

    tyler, how do i create a new account? and what is exchange server?

  6. jeffxd2014 says:

    Tyler, who should be my mascot?
    could you give me a few possibilities?

  7. jeffxd2014 says:

    tyler, how do I take good pictures with a COMPUTER? i don’t think you can…

    • sftyler says:

      Hmm… I don’t personally think that it’s really possible. I just use a real camera, and plug the little disk drive into my computer.

  8. jeffxd2014 says:

    What are your top 5 origami pieces?

  9. jeffxd2014 says:

    can I use your Jango for my cover? I’ll give you full credit!

  10. jeffxd2014 says:

    Tyler, who should be the cover star of my origami yoda fan story?
    my plan is Jango….

  11. Will you make a cad bane for my contest?

  12. Tyler I’m going to give you instrux for one of my favorite charachters in the star wars universe. Hint:its not kit-fisto

  13. jeffxd2014 says:

    Hey, does anybody read the book “amulet”?

  14. jeffxd2014 says:


  15. Herobrian53 says:

    We need more instructions PLEASE.

  16. jeffxd2014 says:

    Update instructions page!!!

  17. jeffxd2014 says:

    still didn’t update instructions page?😑
    how do you make the hair on your Ki-adi-mundi?

  18. How did you get the snow falling down?

  19. jeffxd2014 says:

    in japan it’s so weird( i am now 1/3 japanese, 1/3 chinese, and 1/3 american)! they started putting up christmas decorations 2 months before christmas!

  20. jeffxd2014 says:


  21. jeffxd2014 says:

    1.on the instructions page why are there only 2 instrux when you made more?

    2. are you planning on changing your mascot.


  22. who’s your favourite star wars character and movie?

    what is your favourite origami yoda character?

    • sftyler says:

      Favorite Star Wars Character: Well, Clone Wars is Embo. Regular would probably be…. Aayla Secura
      Favorite Movie: THAT’S a hard one. I can’t decide between Attack of the Clones and A New Hope.
      Favorite OY Character: Fortune Wookiee!

  23. What site did you make that header on? the one that changes….

    • sftyler says:

      It’s weird. I made a bunch of custom text blocks, used photoshop to expand the borders and make it fit the header size, and one of the options for “Header Images” on you blog settings is to “Randomize Uploaded Headers.”

  24. Superfolder Tyler um my site is up is it okay if you can look at it see what you like what you don’t like.

  25. Tyler, why is my Cad Bane not in the E.U. contest? I thought you said you already entered it!

  26. Can I be an admin? Probably not

  27. SF Foldawan says:

    Thanks for following my site !

  28. Super Folder Tyler My site won’t work so I can’t create a new site And i put My instructions I made on the computer for my general Grievous on it and it is lost the fact is my computer crash and a couple of file were deleted including the instructions I need help creating new origami.

    • sftyler says:

      Ouch, that’s not good…. What kind of help?

    • like help involving ideas or tips or templates or something all my stuff that i used is gone forever i can’t get it back i need tips and instructions and templates PS template means prototypes.

    • sftyler says:

      Hmm…. Feel free to use ANY of the instructions on my instructions page! Origami Yoda also has a TON of instructions for characters. Tips….. Hmm….
      Decorating is HALF of the Origami Character process. I doesn’t always mean you use markers/pencils to color in the details. Sometimes a simple face will suffice on a piece of color paper. Hope this helps!

  29. SF Foldawan says:

    Hey , quick question what is valar morghulis ?

  30. Super Folder Tyler my site will be up in a couple of days will you put it up and connect it with your site your know triangular sites please thank you i will give you the website soon i just need a couple more days.

  31. sfsonic12012 says:

    Tyler when your down with your character for my contest put up the link for it on my site or email it to me at kenworthynico@gmail.com

  32. SF Foldawan says:

    doodler council meeting at doodler council page right now now

  33. Super Folder Tyler I have a question why did you stop the project I created a Pre Visla And several other characters for the letter v and w and even x,y, and z i worked rely hard on them too. And plus why are you mad.

  34. Hey Ty, could you make an Anakin?

  35. SF Foldawan says:

    Hey , Tyler where can i find this back ground on your site , the triangle thing . Also do you want to write in my SF book ?

    • sftyler says:

      I have no idea. It was something I found already on my old computer (Which was my brother’s before). Also, Sure! I’ll check it out!

  36. sfsonic12012 says:

    Tyler can you tell me how you made the contest custom menu,please?

    • sftyler says:

      It’s in the Dashboard, under Appearance and Menus. After you drag and drop things where you want them, go to “Customize (Then your theme name)” One of the options is “Custom Menus”. Choose that, then your custom menu. Be aware though, if you create a new page, you have to manually place it in the new menu.

    • sfsonic12012 says:

      Thank you very much Tyler I have the contest page up do you want to enter my new contest any video game character?

  37. LTROCKS says:

    Tyler can you get people to send me origami for my contest?

  38. LTROCKS says:

    If I’m best friends with a girl does that mean I like her? I think so and I think other people do because we are always talking to each other and we are the smartest people in our class and we are always sitting next to each other,

  39. sfsonic12012 says:

    Can you please put up my site on other stooktacular sites? http://www.sfsonic12012.wordpress.com

  40. Tyler, how is it that on the left side of my black bar it shows a globe and when I go to yours, it shows your Embo. How can I change it from globe to my Cad Bane?? ( the final one when it comes)
    P.s. I realized when you want to move to your I iphone as an app (yours for example) it shows your Embo like what it’s like on the black bar. That’s another reason why I want to know.

  41. I appear to have made your cad bane…

  42. sfsonic12012 says:

    Tyler how did you make it when you hover over the contest page it gives you different choices?

  43. Tyler, remember when you once said you are trying to make an Anakin? If not, still, please show me you best one.

  44. Wiztron says:

    You know that tab thing that tells you what your site’s name is? It’s always above the URL. Well, anyway, you have a picture for that. Mine is just a WordPress W. How do you have the picture. I hope you know what I’m talking about.

    • sftyler says:

      Let’s see… Go to your WordPress Dashboard, then to a little option on the sidebar called “Settings” One of the options (It’s in a little box on the side) has the option to add a “Header image” or something… Hope this helps!

    • Wiztron says:

      Thanks! I think it worked!

  45. Ty, could you show us an origami General G?????

  46. SFDarkPalkia says:

    How do you get the little image of Embo by the URL? Also, I know how to block repeat voters on polls!

  47. Wiztron says:

    And what about Palpigreen’s hand?

  48. Wiztron says:

    Can you explain how to make your Emperor Palpigreen? (Advent Calender). I’ve seen a couple of people use the design, and I think it’s interesting.

  49. When does the voting start for the tv contest and Hey who turned out the lights?

  50. LTROCKS says:

    Plants vs Zombies joke
    How much peas could a peashooter shoot if a peashooter could shoot peas?

  51. Mine is the Vashta Nerada

  52. Hey Tyler who is your most feared alien/monster in Dr. Who???

  53. Hey Tyler, why isn’t my origami Cad Bane not on your newest contest. I remember saying to you that I wanted my origami Cad Bane in the contest. 😦

  54. wiztron says:

    How do you do a page for Home, and then get it to go to home?

  55. wiztron says:

    Hey, Tyler, after the bounty hunter contest, are you going to take a break from doing contests? I just wanted to know if you would be doing them continuously…

  56. Please come to my blog

  57. Can you enter my May contest please?

  58. Hey Tyler (again XD )!
    Foldawan and I formed a doodler club, and we were wondering if you wanted to join! Go to foldawan.wordpress.com and to the Doodler Council page if you wanna join! Thanks! πŸ™‚

  59. wiztron says:

    What Widget did you use for your views? Also, can you make a Qui Gon JInn? I have trouble making a good one, and I’d like to see what you’d do with yours.

  60. How many views do you have right now? I know you had like 30,000!! WHICH IS AMAZING

  61. Hey Tyler! Two questions, how do you get the most recent comments at the top? And also, would you go to my blog and request origami, doodle, ect. For my 4,000, 3,000, and 2,000 post? Thanks! πŸ™‚


  62. Does ur embo use a water bomb base?

  63. when are you judging the contest?

  64. wiztron says:

    You know how I made instrux for that Tie Fighter Pilot? Is your Embo basically made the same way as the helmet, but a little bit different?

  65. chippy slusher says:

    Hey Tyler, did you get my minecraft contest entry?

  66. when will you judge the mine craft contest?

  67. Tyler, On one of Your polls, You had an “other” Vote Where you could enter a name or thing in it. could you tell me how it was done?

  68. Hey, on my blog, I found out how to get pages! Anyways, I have β€œEvents,” β€œAsk Ella,” and my hidden page. My question is – what other pages should I add? I need help! Thanks!

    • sftyler says:

      Coolio! Some recommendations: a Suggestions page (for origami AND the website), an Other Sites page (list a bunch of other sites you think are awesome), an About page where you can tell about your site and/or yourself, and a “Contact Me” page (only if you want to give a email for people to contact you.) Hope this helps!

    • Thank you!!! M T F B W Y too! (May the folds be with you) I don’t know how to get links on the page though. πŸ™‚ do you know?

    • sftyler says:

      Sure! Actually, I might create a WordPress Tutorial page soon. It’s hard to explain, so I’ll just give you a little hint: it involves the little button with a chain link on it.

  69. sonic12012 says:

    I put the instructions for Quinlan Folds on my site

  70. sonic12012 says:

    How do I get a lot of viewers on my site I think I have good origami do you think I do?

    • sftyler says:

      YES!!!! My personal favorite of your origami is the Quinlan Vos: I’ve tried WAY too many times to make him, and it looks like yours turned out PERFECT!!! Anyway, there is no specific way to get a ton of views on your site. Part of the reason mine gets a lot of views is the fact that I started on OY.com and got to know a lot of people (or, at least as well as a person can through a blog on the internet). Then, I started to ADVERTISE my site. Just go to “Superfolder TalkZone” or “Talk to Tom” and say “Hey people! Check out my new site!” And paste in the URL. Don’t do it too much, or else it might get annoying. If you see someone who made a piece of origami in Superfolder Stookiness that you have also made, say something along the lines of, “[Insert compliment here] Check out mine! [Paste the URl here]” It might take a while, but you’ll eventually get up to a lot of views. Finally, keep the origami coming in! I got a few people a while back ask me why their sites didn’t get many viewers, and I basically told them that they needed to post more origami. So…. Hope this helps! πŸ˜‰

  71. Would you like to enter my contest for April on my blog? πŸ™‚

  72. Tyler, do you think you would like to check out my site??? If so here is the address: http://origamimayhem.wordpress.com/
    Leave a reply to me if you like it! :mrgreen:

  73. How do you make a secret page?

  74. SFHansel says:

    Can I add your instrux to my OY instrux Encyclopedia?

  75. lop 11 says:

    could you fold an origami trash monster from the death star trash compactor? that would be AWESOME!!!!!!!

  76. Tyler, how do make those slide shows??

  77. SFDarkPalkia says:

    Did you notice that the emoticons got changed? πŸ˜•

    • sftyler says:

      I DID!!! I had just downloaded something for my computer when I saw the emoticons had changed, so I thought my download had some kind of virus! πŸ˜†

    • Superfolder Xavier says:

      Ya, i did too. I thought something was just wrong with my computer, but i was wrong!!😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

    • Superfolder Xavier says:

      Ha!! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ my emocons work!! Yay!

  78. Does your Bo Katen cut?

  79. I posed instrux for my foldy-wan!

  80. Tyler, I know how to add a site, but I’m not sure how to name it like you did.

  81. Cad_ Fold says:

    Tyler, you know how on the top of your comments how there is a pic on the left, how do you get a pic like that, I randomly got this odd looking pic with shapes, how can I turn it into an origami puppet (such as your origami Embo) I have never understanded how you do it, could you please tell me how???

    • sftyler says:

      When you’re on a WordPress blog and you’re logged into your account, you should see a small black bar at the top of every WordPress blog. One little mark on the bar has your WordPress account name and icon. Click on this. It will bring you to a settings page, where you will find the tab labeled “public profile”. There should be an option to change your “Gravatar” picture. Hope this helps!

    • Cad_ Fold says:

      I don’t see it, probably because I don’t a website yet.

    • Xavier says:

      Tyler, can you PLEASE go on my blog again and comment on something? I fix the option so now anybody can comment. Please try to. πŸ˜†

  82. Tyler, I think I just figured out how to make your magnagaurd!!

  83. I just posted my admiral ackbar! Go check it out!

    • Superfolder Xavier says:

      Tyler, could you please make insrtuctions for even piel/yaddle or yarael poof for my birthday? That wpuld be stooky. Please.

    • sftyler says:

      Okay, just give me a little notice before-hand so I have time to make them!

    • Superfolder Xavier says:

      Dear tyler, could you please make instrux for aayla secura/ahsoka. That would be really stooky. I think that tons of people would like instructions for them, so can you please try to make them? From your fellow superfolder, Xavier.

    • sftyler says:

      Aayla Secura shall forever remain a mystery, along with Embo and a few other very special designs. However, I already have instructions for Ahsoka from a while back… Maybe I’ll post them for some holiday?

  84. Superfolder Xavier says:

    : lol :

  85. Superfolder Xavier says:

    : lol:

  86. Superfolder Xavier says:

    Tyler will you wnt to go on my new website when I finish making it? Please do. I think i am your biggest fan. I spend almost all day on it.

    • sftyler says:

      Wow, thanks! I’ll definitely visit your site! Just post the URL somewhere in the comments. I’ll also probably put it in the Other Stooktacular Sites page! :mrgreen:

  87. Can you make instrux for My Bday? It was last december but i forgot to tell you. If you can, i would Bo Katan instrux

  88. BTW my new name is fireblaster952 (this is super folder john)

  89. Should i post my admiral ackbar on my site?

  90. Tyler, Can you go to my site? I just posted my practice Foldy-wan!

  91. When will bib instrux be out?

  92. Cad_ Fold says:

    Tyler, how do you make those stooky moving emotions??

  93. Superfolder_John says:

    how do you add a site?

  94. Superfolder_John says:

    what pen do you use when you draw your instrux?

    • sftyler says:

      I use Flair Pens from Papermate for my instructions. Black (for all paper lines), blue (for folding lines) , and red (for cuts, but none of those here.They’re kind of pricey, but perfect for this kind of thing.

  95. Superfolder_John says:

    Tyler, should i make a wordpress site?

  96. Superfolder_John says:

    when will they be out?

  97. Superfolder_John says:

    When are you making those instrux?

  98. Superfolder_John says:

    can you make bib fortune instrux wether he wins or not ? i have Bo Katan under control

  99. kitfistolover says:

    I am allowed to make a origami civil war diorama for extra credit in my class. What figures should I have?

    • sftyler says:

      Abraham Lincoln, Jefferson Davis, Ulysses S. Grant, Robert E. Lee are the main people I think of in the Civil War. Also include any more minor generals or army people in the Union or Confederacy.

  100. Superfolder_John says:

    tyler, i folded the instrux you posted for luke but it didn’t turn out like yours did!!! can you post instrux for the one that you folded? if so thanks!! πŸ˜€

  101. Benjamin says:

    Can you make me an Origami Qui-Gon Jinn? Or an Origami Angry Bird Lando Calrissian?

    • sftyler says:

      Qui-Gon is DEFINITELY coming for the Encyclogami Project, but I’m not sure whether for “Q” or “J”… I’ll look into Lando Bird, though!

  102. SF_ Harald says:

    Hey, Tyler just curious, is it possible for you to make instrux for your Aayla Secura/Oola/Twili’ek puppet?

  103. Superfolder_John says:

    when will you be making instrux for you red guard tyler?

  104. Hey Tyler, are you having trouble accessing Origami Yoda?

  105. I’m workin on a large project too, but its more HUGE than large.

  106. LTROCKS says:

    My crush hates my face what do I do?

    • sftyler says:

      Well, I don’t have much experience with love, but tell me: Why does he/she hate you? Is it something you did?

    • LTROCKS says:

      By the way I’m a boy so a girl and I think she hates me because I tripper her on acsadent.

    • sftyler says:

      Hmm.. would apologizing help? Don’t make any big moves yet, like asking her out or suddenly starting to spend a LOT of time around her. That seems to desperate. Apologize, then slowly try to become a friend. Go from there. May the folds be with you!

    • LTROCKS says:

      Thanks for the advise!!!;)

  107. jack says:

    were do you find all your origami

    • sftyler says:

      Humma? Do you mean where I find the patterns for my origami? If that’s it, then here’s the answer: I make up the majority of the designs. Every once in a while, I’ll find some instructions that I really like and make it. But nearly all of the stuff I post is completely my design.

  108. superfolderzod says:

    In the early days of origamiyoda.com, you always asked SuperFolders for ideas on which characters to fold. Do you you still have trouble with that?
    If so…

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