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8: Astromech Droids

7: Clone Troopers

6: Cover Stars

5: Queen Origamidala

4: TV

3: Bounty Hunters

2: Minecraft Mobs

1: Ahsoka


34 responses »

  1. when are you making the new page?

  2. Deadline for my contest in jan 13th. Please post a photo of your cad bane if you are able.

  3. are you still doing contests?

  4. Put up the new contest page plz

  5. Wiztron says:

    Can you put my Mickey on?

  6. Mine is the creasegod’s yoda i just messed up my name on wordpress so i have to stick with superfolderswag

  7. chippy slusher says:

    Nien Nunb isn’t a bounty hunter…

  8. wiztron says:

    Tyler, I found StookyLukey’s Embo:

  9. sfcamster says:

    Ooh I’ve got some tough competition on the Bounty Hunter Contest!

  10. Tyler if its not too late can you enter my embo in the bounty hunter contest?

  11. wiztron says:

    Nice Dengar, Chippy! P.S. I think you need to change the name, Tyler. Chippy’s entry doesn’t look like Embo that much…

  12. What will we get as a prize?

  13. wiztron says:

    I think you made Moochaels a LITTLE too big….

    • sftyler says:

      Ah, I can’t control the way it works… It’s just whichever picture I uploaded first. If I add another (or two more) it should shrink down a bit. It’s on a “mosaic” setting, so it fits everything into a rectangle, and some end up being bigger than others…

    • wiztron says:


  14. PLEASE put mine up there

  15. wiztron says:

    Can you do a clone contest?

  16. LTROCKS says:

    Can you do an origami contest where we send out any Star Wars origami?

  17. sonic12012 says:

    Mines the first one

  18. Jarrett and his Jar Jar Pleats says:

    Any ideas on the next one?

  19. SFHansel says:


  20. SF_Harald says:

    Yay there’s mine!

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