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24: Ig-88 Instructions


Click Here for How to Decorate IG-88


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Click here for how to decorate Jawa

Click Here for Royal Guard Instructions!

Click Here for Bib Fortuna Instructions!

Click Here for My Favorite Luke Skywalker Instructions by Someone Else!


43 responses »

  1. tom says:

    clone trooper instrux

  2. SF Foldawan says:

    I think i speak for everybody , when i say make instrux for everybody , please !

  3. wiztron says:

    You have a lot of instructions that aren’t on here.

  4. sfcamster says:

    Ooh can I use the IG-88 instrux for my big book of Star Wars Origami and Kirigami? I’ll give you full credit!

  5. lop 11 says:

    INTRUX ON EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    that would be total rockets!

  6. LTROCKS says:

    Intrux for your stooky clone!!!

  7. Josh says:

    instrux for Max Rebo Band, Luminara, and Barris Offee.

  8. SuperFolder Zod says:

    Lava flea!

  9. Superfolder_John says:

    can u please post instrux for Bo Katan? He’s soo awesome i can’t live!!! please make instrux!!

    • Superfolder Xavier says:

      Bo katan is a girl…. Don’t you watch “star wars the clone wars?” She is the siter of diuchess satine. Sorry if spelled her name wrong. She helped to protect. Mandalora after Darth maul took over and…. Satine died. 😥

    • sorry I meant she ( I don’t watch the clone wars)

    • wiztron says:

      Bo Katan is Satine’s sister? Spoiler! (Don’t blame you though.)

  10. Jarrett Tyree says:

    Luke instrux should be here.

  11. Benjamin says:

    With instrux, I’d like you to fold Sebulba (if you can).

  12. Superfolder_John says:

    oh never mind i know how you made your red guard bossk and dengar

  13. Jarrett Tyree says:

    Papertine, Magnaguard, and Embow!

  14. Jarrett Tyree says:

    That magnaguard from the new years-ish post.

  15. Jarrett Tyree says:

    Origami Asajj Ventress and Darth Maul.

  16. Superfolder_John says:

    hmmm, i would like instrux for your red guard, Bossk, Denngar, and hmmm, EVERYTHING ELSE!!!!!!!!

  17. SF_JL says:

    everything,everything,everything,everything please and it doesn`t have to be right away

  18. SF_JL says:

    i would like ig 88 instrux and two challenges a jawa instrux and palpatine instrux please those are the best I think thanks

  19. SF_ Harald says:

    I just want the Jawa instrux! And, hey, Papertine intrux would rock, too!

  20. Jarrett Tyree says:

    All the Christmas advent characters. Please?
    (Specifically IG-88)

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