Superfolder Zod’s Absolutely Triangular Site!
Firk’s Origami and Stuff FTW!!!!
Origami Y’all!: Chippy Slusher’s Site!
Moochael’s Stooky Site! With the most sweg cow in existence!
DarkPalkia’s Site: Featuring the Encyclogami Project!
SF Zach and Origami Plo Koon’s Site!
Captain Origami’s STOOKTACULAR Site!
sfSonic12012’s Stooky Blog!
Ultrafolder Origami- Home of the Only True Ultrafolder!
Enderman Zod MC- Home of Sparkles the Creeper!
LTROCKS Sites: Number2, Number3, and TheAtlantisRockers! Also, LTCraft Wars!
Princess Ella Origami! With Art and stuff…
Camster Origami! Coolio.
Wiztron Origami- Star Wars Origami!
Superfolder John’s Site!
Allie’s Origami and Stuff!
SF Xavier’s Site!
Stooky Lukey’s Site: Stooky Origami!
Darth Shredder’s Site!

xFoldOrigami! It’s Xmen, in Origami form!
The UmHi Blog!
And Finally…

Origami Yoda!


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  2. bruce110 says:

    can you put my site on there? Here is the URL: . Thanks!

  3. sfsonic12012 says:

    Tyler my new URL is can you please edit it? That will be the last time I delete a site.

  4. oy217 says:

    http;// please!

  5. wiztron says:

    Can you put mine up please? I assume you already know the URL from my contest entries…

    • sftyler says:

      Sorry, I actually DON’T know the URL… I’ve been trying to figure it our FOREVER!! My Google Chrome browser had a MAJOR crash recently, and most of my history/bookmarks were erased… Could you tell me what it is, so I can put it up?

    • sftyler says:

      Never mind, I found it…

  6. foldawan says:

    Wow, it must be very overwhelming with all the requests , huh ?

  7. SF Tyler plz follow me @

  8. Enderman_Zod says:

    Ohh.. Enderman_Zod MC isn’t there, can ya add it?
    With the tagline: Home of Sparkles the Creeper!

  9. foldawan says:

    Wazzup Tyler ! Its great to talk to you ! Can u please put my site on here ,please ! Its called Thanks !

  10. sfcamster says:

    Please put up my site!!

  11. xavier says:

    Thanks 😆

  12. moochael says:

    Add mine:

  13. Superfolder_John says:

    Can you add my site? its called:

  14. moochael says:

    Um, it’s not my blog, it says moochaels blog, it Is grants site, I am just a site crafter…

  15. sfdarkpalkia says:

    Could you maybe put mine up? You’re on mine.

  16. darthshreder says:

    When you go to my site it takes you to chippys

  17. could you put up mine?

  18. darthshreder says:

    My link doesn’t work PS I put your blog on my site

  19. darthshreder says:

    can you put mine on it is

  20. Could you please put mine up?

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